Blaze and twin sister Beau were born in Manhattan, into a showbiz family. Her dad was a Broadway actor and her older brother was in the middle of his run as Tiny Tim in Radio City's Christmas Spectacular. Though a lack of hair by age 4 proved an initial impediment to the twins' ability to get commercial roles ... their hair eventually grew in and they began pulling their weight in the family business. At age 8, Blaze booked the supporting role of Ellie Creed in Stephen King's Pet Semetary. By 10, she was starring as Lenni on Ghostwriter, a childrens tv series on PBS. The show lasted 4 years and was syndicated in dozens of countries worldwide effectively making her a tween celebrity. She performed on the White House Lawn, for Katie Couric on the Today Show and had a longer autograph line at Mall of America than Neil Diamond! The life of a D-List child celebrity proved trying for Blaze, who just wanted to live the life of a regular NYC kid. Competing against little pageant-types who 'wanted to be stars' always had casting directors scratching their heads at the comparatively nonchalent, would-rather-be-at-school-or-a-playdate Berdahl kids. They remained consummate professionals however and continued to perform in national commercials, New York theatre, soap operas and voice-overs for tv & radio. Voice-overs appealed to Blaze the most because you could show up ... without anyone caring if you were having a bad hair day! She could wear whatever wacky outfit she had planned out that day ... and her mom wouldn't make her change after school for the gig! Also, no one recognized Blaze on the street from her work in voice-overs, which was something she was growing increasinly uncomfortable with. It also didn't hurt that some of these voice-overs were recorded across the microphone from such legendary orators as James Earl Jones and Walter Cronkite. Talk about master class! She was the voice of a major commercial campaign by the time she was 15 (The Burger King Kids Club) and even voiced a major character in "We're Back," an animated film produced by Stephen Spielberg. Being directed via isdn by him was an early career highlight.

Blaze took a four-year self-imposed hiatus from 'showbiz' to attend college at Bucknell University (in Amish Country, PA of all places), eventually double majoring in economics and political science and graduating with honors. She got a job at Merrill Lynch in private wealth management, in an attempt to be "normal," passing major licensing exams in order to trade stocks for clients. Within 2 years, Blaze learned that "normal" is in the eye of the beholder. She missed the creative showbiz community and world of advertising. As it turned out, the grass was NOT greener on the other side! So she called up her old agency from the kiddie days ... and based off her success as a child they agreed to represent her again! Within a year, she was doing voice-overs full time and this time, was able to bring a new understanding of business to a famously unstructured profession, yet with her usual spunk! Blaze has since gone on to become one of the most active adult voice-over actresses in NY. Over the last several decades she has promoted shows on just about every basic cable channel there is. For years she has worked recurringly for HGTV and Nick Jr. She has done announcing for live tv events and has been the venue voice for hundreds of live shows at some of NY's most iconic concert halls and venues. From 2006-2013 Blaze was the voice of "Swiffer" products for P & G, helping to brand and make Swiffer a household name. More recently she voiced a multi-spot campaign for Metamucil, starring Michael Strahan. As of October 2016, she is currently the voice of Lubriderm. Two years ago, Blaze broke into the world of radio imaging. She is now the voice of radio stations in Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas and a handful of other cities. Aside from tv & radio, you can hear Blaze's voice in the most unexpected of places: standing on line at the checkout, sitting waiting for your movie to start, helping you program in your tv settings, and when you call to order concert tickets.

Blaze's voice has has been described as young but with maturity, having a unique texture, gravitas and a rich bottom end to her tone. She brings 25 + years of experience and a wide range, having played everything from "Cheetah" (DC Comics) to Barbie (for Toys R Us). So whether you're looking for a friendly mom type, a sexy husky mammacita, a 12 year old boy or her favorite - just a hip and relatable 20/30-something, Blaze Berdahl can fulfill your vocal needs and DELIVER your copy!